At the vintage wholesale company, we take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world. Located in the north east of England, we are the premier location for quality, used clothing in the UK. All the clothes in our warehouse have been graded to the highest standards, with no major holes, tears or stains. Instead, they all posses those unique, vintage characteristics that we all know, love and admire.

Ways to buy

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Pick it yourself

Come and hand pick your own items, taking only what you want. We always have a large collection of different products available. We have something for everyone. We track current trends and receive bulk deliveries every 4 to 6 weeks. Book an appointment today. Our minimum spend is £300 plus VAT. Can request a weekend appointment also. Minimum spends for weekends are £400 plus VAT (Weekends).

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Vintage Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Clothing per kg, Vintage Wholesale Company

Buy per kilo

With this option, you can browse our buy per kilo sections online or ask us for a full up to date kilo list. Items when buying per kilo are not graded by us so you will receive a mix of grade A and B stock, unless stated. The price per kilo does reflect the grade and its much cheaper than buying per item if you are looking for bulk stock. Kilo stock is non refundable.

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Vintage Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Wholesale Company

Picker for you

If you can’t get to us and don’t want to buy by the kilo. We can have our trained team pick orders for you. Items priced per piece. We will grade orders for quality and current trends as best as possible. You are welcome to ask us for specifics but as in vintage this isn’t always possible but we will always do our best to suit your needs. Why not ask us for a SKYPE* appointment so our team can show you examples of what we have available at any current time.
* Skype appointment is for demonstration puroposes only.

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How Much Vintage?


Not sure? Well why don’t you try a tester order we ship out from as little as 1 box or as many as 10 boxes, but if you want to sample a order then we ship individual boxes for orders or if you come and hand pick and want your handpicked items shipping to your address hassle free then we have this option also.


We have customers all around the UK, Europe & World that we ship pallets of vintage treasures to, either it be by the customers that have hand picked the items themselves or by our skilled team that grade orders for our customers on a regular basis and have them prepared on pallets ready to ship.


Yes! We offer 20ft & 40ft containers of Vintage Clothing, mainly for specialised customers that want seasonal mixes. We also offer the option to compile a special kilo price for the seasonal mix and containers just for you. If this interests you get in touch and we will be able to help.

How much vintage do you need?

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