Vintage Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Wholesale Clothes, Vintage Wholesale Company

Purchasing New Clothes

Before you buy your clothes ask yourself… Are they good quality? Will they last? Or will they fall to bits after the first wear.

If you buy vintage, you know for a fact that these items will stand the test of time and possess those unique characteristics that people have grown to love over many years.

Buying Vintage clothes can also be a fabulous way of improving your style at the fraction of High Street Price and lets face it, we all love a bargain!

Vintage Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Clothing kilo

Refashion & Remaking

Are your clothes looking a bit worn down and off current trend?

By altering, sewing, cutting and combining clothes together, you can give birth to a new amazing garment.

Become a fashionista by creating new outfits from unloved garments and get your creative juices flowing. It can give you a fabulous style that nobody else can match!

If you're already pretty crafty, work on your friends clothes too.

Vintage Wholesale Clothing, Vintage Wholesale Clothes, Vintage Wholesale Company

Unwanted Clothes

Its inevitable. Sometimes you need to give your old clothes the heave-ho. But before you do, consider where you send them.

One mans garbage is another mans treasure, so before they go straight into the bin, does any body else want your clothes?

Pass your old clothes onto family or friends, somebody is always grateful for a hand-me-down. Or even to a charity shop to help those less fortunate.

Which ever route you choose, try not to bin them, theres always someone out there who will love them like you did when you first bought them.

You might even make some money from it!

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